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What is facebook retargeting?

Facebook is a great channel for retargeting. It’s easy to set up and there’s a great chance your website’s visitors are among the 2 billion people actively using Facebook, which gives you the opportunity to be where your potential customers already are.

People are more likely to interact with something familiar than something completely new.

That is why in a crowd of unknown ads and other types of content, people’s attention is caught and automatically drawn to things they already recognize.


By showing ads with products visitors were previously interested in, you have a better chance of grabbing their attention

Facebook dynamic retargeting ads are a type of ad that automatically show products people have previously viewed, which make these ads especially relevant and efficient.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Ads account
Step 2: Click on
Step 3: Under ”Assets” find ”Product Catalogue” & click ”Create a Catalog”
Step 4: Once you’ve created your catalog, click ”Ad Products” & download the .CSV template
Step 5: Fill out the template & upload it to Facebook
Step 6: Wait for the template to upload, then you’re all set for your first dynamic ad campaign!

How to do that in steps?

When it comes to conversion optimization, retargeting is very effective at generating awareness and driving conversions. As you saw above, it’s also the most cost-effective advertising method available.